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Spring Summer Wardrobe Organisation

It’s finally that time of year when it’s time for you to say a fond farewell to your winter wardrobe (closet) and welcome in your Spring / Summer favourites.

Before putting your winter wardrobe (closet) away, check out my top tips to preserve the longevity of your winter clothes:

1️⃣ Remove everything from your wardrobe (closet) and give it a good clean.

2️⃣ Check your wool and cashmere items for signs of wear and tear. Remove pills from your clothes with a fabric shaver (I use either my Steamery or Philips fabric pill shavers).

3️⃣ Fold all winter items neatly and store in a suitcase.

4️⃣ Lay out all Spring Summer items checking sizes, TRY YOUR CLOTHES ON if you're not sure they still fit.

5️⃣ If the garments still work for you (check colours, styles, fit, appropriateness etc.) you can now put the items into your clean wardrobe (closet).


How should you organise your wardrobe once you put everything back in?

Starting on the left hand side, you can start putting away your clothes in the following order:

1️⃣ Dresses: neutrals then colours

2️⃣ Skirts: neutrals then colours

3️⃣ Trousers: neutrals then colours

4️⃣ Tops / Blouses: neutrals then colours

5️⃣ Jumpers / Jackets: neutrals then colours

Have you already made the switchover?

If not, no need to worry, you can do it whenever you're ready to! If you'd like a hand with cleansing your closet (wardrobe edit) then sign up for a Wardrobe Edit here. Or if you'd like to chat through your current wardrobe dilemmas please sign up here for your free 30 minute Discovery Call.

Best colourful wishes,



Hi, I'm Charlotte, International Personal Stylist, Colour Consultant & Personal Shopper based in Geneva, Switzerland. I help women like you to feel special everyday by building a unique and colourful signature style that suits your personal colouring, body shape, lifestyle and budget.












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