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Chic COuleurs - Charlotte Praz

About Charlotte

Your International Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper & Colour Consultant in Geneva

Hi there, I’m Charlotte, your fully qualified personal stylist, personal shopper and colour consultant located in Geneva, Switzerland. I am passionate about empowering women to embrace their colourful signature style.

I am British, born & raised although I recently received Swiss nationality after living in Geneva for the past 15 years. I moved to Geneva as an expat in 2008 straight from University where I studied law and worked for 14 years in the Corporate Legal Department of two of the most well-known multinationals in the world. During Covid-19, I fell pregnant with my second child and decided to embrace the opportunity to retrain in something entirely different: Colour Analysis and Personal Styling. Since then, I have developed my own Personal Styling consulting business in Geneva which I now practice alongside my career as a lawyer.

Having worked in a multinational and multicultural environment for the past 15 years, I am fully equipped to work with Personal Styling clients from all over the world, whether you are based here in Switzerland or if you would like to work with me online.

I am passionate about empowering modern women to embrace their personal version of colourful signature style. It is so rewarding for me to be able to share my knowledge and passion for everything colour & style related with my wonderful clients.

I trained as a fully qualified Personal Stylist & Colour Consultant in 2021 and 2022 with the following organisations:
• Colour Me Beautiful; and
• London College of Style.
I have also worked and trained with one of London’s most successful personal stylist’s who is now one of my mentors.


My Clients
I have worked with women from 17 to 70+ years old who, at various stages of their lives, wanted to discover or redefine their own personal style and colour palette. My clients have various nationalities and work in various sectors, such as medical, scientific, legal, finance, technology. I have also worked with interns, graduates, and retirees as well as helping new Mum’s to reclaim their style postpartum.
Many of my previous clients have left glowing reviews on Google, which you can check here.
Personally, I find great joy in helping women – at any age – to develop their own colourful personal style and to feel more aligned with who they are at that particular phase in their life.


My Style
My own style has always been extremely important to me. I instinctively felt much more empowered wearing colours, rather than neutrals, and my colourful outfit choices are often noticed by others.

Through my job as a corporate lawyer in Geneva and London, I learned to adapt my style appropriately for a corporate office environment. My style became less colourful and developed into something far more classic overtime. As I move forward in life, I find that my style also evolves with me. Now that I am a working Mum of two, I have a very different style than when I was a young, single, professional, and that’s the joy of personal style.  

Over time, my style has also been influenced by the places I have lived, so my style has developed from being very British (whatever that means ) to more French Chic and is now more international – but it is and always will be chic.

My Vision
In my work as a Personal Stylist in Geneva, I always reiterate how important it is for me that YOU are at the centre of the personal styling work that I do. All of my consultations are bespoke and personalized for you, since no two individuals are the same.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to my personal styling work and so you will benefit from a highly personalized session with individual bespoke guidance applicable to you, your lifestyle and your personal taste. That said, I will encourage you (gently) to step outside of your usual comfort zone and try new things.

Contact Me
I would love to get to know you better and to discuss your personal styling needs to see whether we would be a good fit. If you are interested in finding out more, in a free no-commitment 30-minute Discovery Call, then please sign-up here to book your slot today.
Best wishes,

Call me on +41 79 273 9546

Email me at

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