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Spring: How to master the art of layering?

Let me share with you my top tips to master the art of layering in Spring. Say goodbye to not knowing how to dress or feeling either too cold or too hot with my top tips.

As a Personal Stylist in Switzerland, I know just how important it is to get layering right for the Spring months. I bet you’ll find it a real challenge to get your layering right in Spring: while it’s cold in the morning and evening, it’s often warm during the day while the sun shines. So how do you get your Spring layering right?

While it will often depend on where you live and the climate of your location, there are some tried and tested tips that will work in most locations for getting your layering right during early Spring time.

Tip #1 - Base Layer

If you’re anything like me, and you feel the cold then you can’t go wrong with a lightweight thermal base layer to keep the chill factor at bay.

A lightweight base layer, especially worn underneath clothing on your top half, will allow you to stay warm without having to add bulky jumpers or cardigans under your outerwear.

I highly recommend brands such as Intimissimi or Impetus for warm, lightweight and form-fitting base layers.

Tip #2 - V-necks

A v-neck blouse in one of your best colours will add a pop of colour, brighten your complexion and flatter your body shape - what’s not to love?!

Avoid synthetic fibres which are man-made textiles produced entirely from chemical substances e.g. microfibre, nylon, polyester, rayon, spandex, etc. These are often less breathable than natural fibres and can make you perspire.

If you need a more casual alternative, you can always go for a long sleeve t-shirt with a v-neck which will work just as well as a blouse.

"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you."

- Coco Chanel

Tip #3 - Blazers & Jackets

If you’re looking for a smarter alternative to a jumper or cardigan, but with less bulk, you may want to consider a blazer or jacket in one of your best neutrals. You might also like to know that denim is classed as a neutral too.

If you're going for a casual look then a Denim jacket is a perfect layer without having to wear a bulky jacket.

If it's still chilly, like it is here in Geneva, you may want to try a quilted jacket. Quilted jackets are versatile pieces of outerwear which you may already have in your wardrobe. They'll keep the chill off and won't add too much bulk over the layers underneath.

Tip #4 - Mix it up with colourful trousers

A gorgeous pair or tailored trousers in a beautiful neutral shade if you'd like to keep things minimalist or a fun colour in one of your best shades will add something special to a simple Spring outfit. Just don't forget to personalise the outfit with your accessories...

Tip #5 - Colourful accessories

Don’t forget to add one of your best colours in your choice of accessories. I love to add a colourful scarf as they also add extra warmth if needed, or they can be wrapped around your handbag to inject some personality there too.

Belts can also be great as an extra element to really bring your outfit together.

A colourful bag can also add a pop of colour if you’ve otherwise gone for neutrals.

Lightweight layers work best, but stay clear of manmade fibres.

Layer with care: a manmade fibre can increase your temperature and make you perspite. Keep it simple and don't forget to check the weather forecast. If youd like to find our more about dressing your body shape, CLICK HERE to register for your free Discovery Call to discuss your style dilemmas or READ THIS for information on my Personal Style Assessment sessions.

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below this post.

Best colourful wishes,



Hi, I'm Charlotte, International Personal Stylist in Geneva, Switzerland. I help women like you to feel special everyday by building a unique and colourful signature style that suits your personal colouring, body shape, lifestyle and budget.












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