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Are you about to go back to work after maternity leave?

Are you about to go back to work after having a baby? If so, this article is just for you!

Before your body (and mind) has fully recovered from having a baby, and possibly before you’re sleeping through the night, it might already be time for you to return to work.

It may be that your pre-pregnancy workwear may no longer work for you, either because of your new body shape or because of your new lifestyle.

You’ll have little time to worry about your working wardrobe with a new baby to look after, although it will create an additional stress to your everyday life if it’s not adapted to your new lifestyle.

Here are my top tips to get your working wardrobe working hard for you:

1) Write down the percentage of time you spend at work, at home/looking after children, social activities, leisure/hobbies/sports and errands.

2) Compare that to the items in your wardrobe so if you spend 50% of your time at work, then you should have 50% workwear in your wardrobe. Note down how much of your working time you’ll be in an office, travelling or working from home.

3) Take out everything from your wardrobe so you can clean the inside & check the quality of your hangers: IKEA do some great quality wooden ones.

4) Check each item & ask yourself how it makes you feel when you wear it, if you don’t feel good or confident in it, it’s time to put it aside (either to wear with something that does make you feel good, or to give it to charity / sell it).

5) If some clothes no longer fit as your body shape has changed, or they no longer work because of your new lifestyle, put them to one side in storage to be checked in a few months’ time.

6) Put your clothes back in categories: dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, blouses/shirts, jumpers/cardigans. I suggest that you arrange your clothes by neutrals (e.g. black, navy, white, cream, beige, camel) and then colours (e.g. red, orange, yellow, pink, green, blue, purple) within each category.

7) Make sure you have wriggle room in between your hangers so clothes are not creased unnecessarily.

8) Think about the various outfit combinations that you can create with what you already have, use magazines/Pinterest for inspiration. Take photos with your phone for future reference.

9) Make a list of any items that are missing from your working wardrobe that would bring your outfits together so that you can shop responsibly.

10) Plan your outfits ahead of time, I suggest setting out your clothes and accessories the night before so that you save time in the morning.

You may wish to think about compiling a coherent and cohesive wardrobe once you know your best colours and styles. If you would like to chat through any of your style or colour dilemmas, please sign up here to arrange for a free 30-minute chat so we can go through your dilemmas together.

Best wishes,

Charlotte Praz

+41 79 273 9546

Charlotte Praz is a personal and corporate stylist. She has worked in international corporate law before retraining to pursue a more artistic path as a Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist. In 2021, Charlotte set up her own small business, to work with individuals and corporate teams to improve their image and personal charisma. She is an international bilingual (English & French) image consultant and a Mum of two small boys (1 & 3 years old). Clients describe her as professional, approachable, and inspiring.

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