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Winter Layers

As a Personal Stylist in Switzerland, I know just how important it is to keep warm during the winter months, but it's not always easy to do that without looking like a cross between the Michelin Man or Joey from FRIENDS when he wears all of Chandler's clothes.

Here are my top tips to keep you toasty and warm this winter:

1) Base layer: you can’t go wrong with a lightweight thermal base layer this time of year. If you’re wearing under smart or formal clothes, I always recommend to make sure the base layer is as closely fitted to your body as possible to avoid adding any bulk to your frame.

2) Roll Neck: a fine roll neck top in one of your best colours will add a pop of colour, brighten your complexion and it will keep you warm too.

3) Knitwear: if you’re looking for a cosy yet comfortable wool I highly recommend merino wool. Fine merino wool is non-itchy, chic and warm too.

4) Trousers: a gorgeous pair or formal trousers in a beautiful colour such as these evergreen @sezane trousers really add something special to a chic winter outfit.

5) Wool jacket: a versatile piece of outerwear which you may already have in your wardrobe which will keep the chill off and not add too much bulk over the layers underneath.

6) Colourful accessories: don’t forget to add one of your best colours in your choice of accessories.

Stay warm and stay chic ❄️

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Hi, I’m Charlotte, International Personal Stylist & Colour Consultant based in Geneva, Switzerland. I provide online and in-person services, to empower women to curate your personal style to look & feel your best everyday.


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