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Top Packing Tips for Summer Holidays

Are you planning a summer holiday this year?

Here are my top packing tips to help you make the most of your summer holidays this year. 

First, make a list of the activities you’ll be doing on holiday & how many days you’ll be away for. Plan your outfits, thinking about whether it’s casual, formal or a mixture. Think about whether you’ll need items suitable for day vs evening, beach vs city, mountain hiking vs water skiing etc. 

Second, lay out your items on the bed, sofa or on the floor in the following categories: clothes, shoes, toiletries, electronics, other. 

Third, travel light and bring only the necessities. Travel sized toiletries or bottles you fill up with your favourite products from home so you only take what you need. If you need to take towels with you, take quick dry lightweight ones which take up little room. 

Fourth, choose your travel bag. You don’t want to be weighed down by heavy luggage. I highly recommend an extendable soft case which can carry additional items you may acquire on your travels. 

Fifth, don’t take too many shoes with you. 3 pairs should be enough. For example,

a pair to travel in (eg. trainers) and then you’ll need another two pairs depending on the type of holiday. 

Beach holiday: flip flops & dressy sandals 

Mountain holiday: sliders and mountain boots.

City break: day sandals suitable for walking & dressy sandals for evening.

Don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and hat to protect yourself from the sun. 

Lastly, pack an extra bag within your luggage in case you bring back souvenirs. I love the longchamp foldable bags for this very purpose 🫶

Happy & safe travels!

Finally, if you'd like to learn more about how I can help you to identify your best colours and styles for this Spring 2023, get in touch today, and sign-up for my free 30 minute Discovery Call here.

Best colourful wishes,



Hi, I'm Charlotte, International Personal Stylist in Geneva, Switzerland. I help women like you to feel special everyday by building a unique and colourful signature style that suits your personal colouring, body shape, lifestyle and budget.





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